For Immediate Release: Statement from Mayor-Elect Hodges Regarding Election Recount and Contest

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 CHARLESTOWN, Ind. – Thursday, December 12th 2019 –  Yesterday, Mayor-Elect Treva Hodges responded to the petition for election contest filed by Bob Hall. Hall’s petition asks the court to throw out the election results of November 5th and for the court to order a special election. His petition was based upon allegations that the election results could not be trusted. Because this is such an extreme remedy, Indiana law requires strict adherence to the statutory requirements for an election contest. Due to the deficiencies in Hall’s petition, Mayor-Elect Hodges has asked the court to dismiss the election contest and proceed with the recount, which Hall also requested.

“I have no objection to Mr. Hall’s request to conduct a recount in our election, which is a right provided to any candidate for public office in the State of Indiana,” Hodges stated. “I am confident that the recount will confirm the ultimate will of the voters from Election Day and I am prepared to take office on January 1.”

“In contrast,” she added, “the election contest petition has no factual basis or merit.  It relies on gossip and innuendo.  We are fortunate that this election was conducted in a fair, accurate, and professional manner, and nothing in the election contest petition calls that into question.  After consulting with legal counsel and with a firm belief that nothing untoward occurred on Election Day, we have determined that we will hold Mr. Hall to the standards created by Indiana law, and request that the contest be dismissed due to his failure to meet those standards.”

Please find attached the filings as well as a memorandum.

Motion to Dismiss


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