Wastewater Woes – What Happens if Bob Hall sells our Wastewater System?

Infrastructure repairs have been a significant part of my platform from the beginning. Here’s why…

Our wastewater treatment system is in a serious state of neglect and we will not see long-term healthy development in Charlestown until our infrastructure is repaired. 

When you drive through the city today it’s easy to see where our money has been spent. We have freshly paved roads, new playgrounds, and fancy street signs. But what lies underneath our city streets? 

In January, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) performed an inspection of our wastewater system and found it to be in “unsatisfactory” condition.

Among their concerns were…

  • solid waste and trash being dumped directly into our lagoons
  • malfunctioning mechanical equipment that manages inflow and infiltration within the collection system
  • improper sludge disposal – including the dumping of raw sludge directly into stormwater lines in the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood in August of 2018
  • violations in the self monitoring program
  • presence of a thick black grease pollutant covering the Spring Street lift station 
Flooding caused by clogged stormwater line
Flooding at Main and Harrison


In addition to our wastewater system, our stormwater drainage system has also been neglected. The system is clogged so badly that flooding occurs in locations all over our city with even the lightest rains.

Broken stormwater drain completely clogged
Clogged Drain Line at Main and Harrison

Repairs are complicated by the fact that the existing map of the system is outdated – a problem for IAW when they were installing new fire hydrants as they ruptured stormwater lines digging in areas where they were not mapped.


Does all this sound familiar? It should. I’ve previously shown how current mayor Bob Hall’s neglect of our water system enabled him to declare the system “distressed” and pass off the responsibility for repairs to a private company. We had the money to repair our water system all along but our current administration chose to spend it on wants, not needs. Now customers are left paying much higher rates for Bob Hall’s poor decision making. 

What happens if Bob Hall declares our wastewater system “distressed” and decides to sell it to IAW as well?

IAW currently owns a few wastewater/sewer systems in Indiana. Here is a screen shot of their rates. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.19.19 AM

As you can see, an average household that uses 3,500 gallons of water would pay over $50.00 per month with the new rate and the meter fee. A customer on Charlestown’s system currently only pays $31.00 for that same usage. Customers who use 5,000 gallons will pay nearly $70.00 per month. How many of us can afford this increase on top of what we’re paying for our water now?

It’s time for Charlestown residents to stop paying for the bad decisions of our current administration. This election is about change for Charlestown. It’s about electing a mayor who will put Charlestown First and focus on our needs rather than just making things look better on the surface. 

Your vote is your voice. Vote Treva for mayor and put our priorities back on YOU!

Read the official inspection documents here:

IDEM WW Inspection Jan 2019

IDEM Inspection PR Aug 2018

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