Broken Promises: A Performance Review

Each year most of us go through a performance evaluation for the work we do at our jobs. In our reviews, our employers ask if we did the things we were hired to do. The mayoral election in Charlestown this year is a performance evaluation for current mayor Bob Hall. 

Bob Hall has had sixteen years to keep his promises. Instead he has failed to follow through on a number of significant issues. 

  • Leader Story, 10-27-99 (3)In 1999 Bob Hall said there was “no excuse” for neglecting fire hydrants and he promised to fix and maintain them. Instead he ignored a city ordinance that required their annual inspection and in 2019 when IAW bought the utility they had to replace 65 hydrants to bring our system into proper working order. Malfunctioning hydrants were next to all four of our schools.
  • Bob Hall promised people in the newly annexed area around Co Rd 403 that he would ensure proper police protection. Instead, under his leadership, the Charlestown Police Department had an 81% turnover rate in the last four years and we are understaffed when compared to national standards reported by the FBI. See my plan to address this issue here: Funding for Police
  • Bob Hall has served three terms since he first promised to renovate the civic center.  Instead, he allowed the building to fall into a state of disrepair and it now sits vacant and unused.
  • Bob Hall has promised a sports complex since 2007. In the past four years we’ve spent $51,000 on the IDEA of a sports complex with nothing but fancy pictures to show for it.
  • A quarterly newsletter in 2009 promised that city meetings would be shared on a city managed web-based TV station. Instead, in 2016 public comment at city council meetings was significantly limited and questions at public meetings are not allowed. pool
  • In 2011 Bob Hall promised a “YMCA style year-round swimming pool” would be
    built during the third phase at the Family Activity Park. In 2017 he changed his mind and said we’d never have a pool.
  • In 2011 Bob Hall said that he would “solve 99% of the water discoloration problem” within 3-6 years. Instead he passed that responsibility off to a  private company, and the expense off to us.  
  • In 2015 Bob Hall promised residents of Hidden River Valley that he would hire a geologist to address their significant drainage issues and sinkholes in the neighborhood. Instead he paved over the growing sink hole. Neglect of our drainage and wastewater system causes flooding all over town. 

Bob Hall has failed to complete 80% of the immediate and short-term action steps listed in his own comprehensive plan adopted during his most recent term (See details here: Measuring Success)

We’ve taken on $6 Million of debt in the past four years and have no new jobs to show for it. We’ve spent $1,181,836 on legal fees in the last two years to defend Bob Hall’s decisions.

Our debt and legal bills have gone up while basic infrastructure and quality of life issues have been neglected. 

It’s time to do something different in Charlestown. It’s time to elect a mayor who will keep her promises. I am already working to fulfill the transparency portion of my platform by attending every public city meeting and sharing them with you – something I’ve done for over two years now at my blog,

Treva banner

It’s time to elect a mayor who wants to take action NOW to put Charlestown First.

You can read my full platform here: Treva’s Platform and take a glimpse at my initial four-year plan if elected here: First Four Years