Transformation over Transactions

time-for-changeCharlestown needs a change.

Our current leadership style is one that values TRANSACTIONS in a system of promises and rewards. The focus is on EXCHANGEprogress for votes. In the next four months before the election we’re going to see announcements rolling out of City Hall on a regular basis. Parks, parties, paving, purchase of property…some of these will appear quiet flashy and make big news. But there’s a danger is accepting quantity over quality. What happens when the exchange process fails?

My leadership is TRANSFORMATIONAL. I look to the bigger picture and motivate people toward a lasting, quality future. I believe in ENGAGEMENT. I ask how I can help inspire others to lead so we can all become change agents in our community. My focus is on YOU, not the number of swift announcements I can make. That means that I work consistently for enhancements and I do it in full communication with YOU, not just in the last hour to make a quick impression. Transformational leadership is THOUGHTFUL, STRATEGIC, and INCLUSIVE. I’m going to do the right thing, not just do things right away.

As we move toward November, consider the style of leadership we need. Quality will build a firm foundation for our future generations.

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