Campaign Finance Reports

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 1.39.29 PMTransparency is a major part of my platform. I do not expect of our government anything more than I’m willing to provide.

Recently on social media there has been much interest in candidates’ campaign finance reports. This is a good thing!

Campaign Finance Reports are public records that anyone can request via the Clerk’s office. Every active candidate campaign must submit three reports each year: Annual Report, Pre-Primary Report, and Pre-Election Report. In addition, if a candidate receives a donation of $1,000+ in between the reporting period and the actual election he or she must provide additional documentation to the Clerk’s office within 48 hours of receiving the large donation.

This week my campaign filed an amended 2018 Annual Report and Pre-Primary Report. We did this to correct a slight accounting error in reference to a loan that was documented received and paid but not recorded as an expenditure, and to provide additional descriptive information on some of the expenditures listed on the original reports. In the spirit of transparency I have attached copies of my amended reports. If nothing else, this will save folks a trip to the courthouse.

Hodges CFA-4 Annual Report 2018 (Amended)

Hodges CFA-4 PrePrimary Report 2019 (Amended)