Talking Neighborliness – Just Borrow the Sugar!

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 7.49.37 PMA friend of mine shared a link on social media today (posted below) about the importance of knowing and interacting with your neighbors. The concept is simple. Neighbors who are unashamed to borrow from each other are more likely to engage in small talk that strengthens the social bond between them. I’m fortunate to enjoy such relationships in Charlestown. 

My first home on Oriole Drive gave me some of the best relationships I’ve ever had. One of my neighbors kept a vegetable garden every year and welcomed any of us to come pick our share. In return we’d invite him over to Sunday supper. Another family next door helped us tend our grass and kept an eye on things when we went out of town. We, in turn, took care of their pets for them when they vacationed. There was never a shortage of people stopping by to chat or just waving if they were in a hurry. 

We also watched out for one another. One warm day while Ed and I were working on school projects at the dining table I heard our neighbor who was a single mom scream in terror. I immediately jumped up, grabbed a walking stick on my way out the door, and ran to defend her from what turned out to be a grandaddy longlegs spider. (We shared a long laugh over that one.)

Now that we’ve moved to Main Street Ed and I are fortunate to be building those same relationships here. People who watched out for Ed’s aging mother before her passing now receive reciprocal care from us.

Neighborliness is one of the things I love most about Charlestown.

In addition to being avid lenders and borrowers, Ed and I are also porch sitters. When the weather is nice you’ll usually find us sitting on the side porch during our slower moments of the day or in the evenings to wind down.

So when you’re on Main Street and you see us out, feel free to pop by and share a cold drink and casual conversation.

And never be afraid to ask for that cup of sugar.   

View the web comic hereBorrow the Sugar