A Plan for Infrastructure: Becoming an MS4 Community

You wouldn’t buy a truck in southern Indiana without checking underneath to see if the frame is weak from rust. Foundations matter. Without a firm foundation, the exterior aesthetics won’t last. We can dress up the Charlestown that folks see when they drive down the road, but without a solid infrastructure we won’t see resilient development. In the coming years, as our population grows, Charlestown is on a track to be designated an MS4 community. This national designation comes with an unfunded federal mandate to transport stormwater runoff through a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System.

Currently Charlestown’s infrastructure is not prepared for this designation and I am the only candidate for Mayor who is working on a plan to fix it. In addition to attending the annual meeting of the Clark County Soil and Water Conservation District I have reached out to local engineers and drainage experts to learn more about how to protect our beautiful streams, established natural landscapes, and outlying farmland.